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The most significant north south link of the very fast train network in China will be opened in a few months
important implication for business, commerce, economic development, tourism and business travel within China

The Beijing-Shenzhen very fast train link is 2,439 Km long.  When it is opened before the end of this year, the travelling time between the two cities will be shortened by 15 hours to 9 hours.  Existing travelling time by train is 24 hours.  The travelling time between Beijing and Guangzhou will be shortened by 12 hours to 8.5 hours.

The design speed of this very fast train link is 350 Km/hr.  However, the operation speed is expected to be 300-310 Km/hr.

The Beijing-Shenzhen very fast train link connects from the south Shenzhen (深圳 Special Economic Zone north of HK - population 10.36M), Guangzhou (广州 Capital city of GuangDong Province - population 12.70M), ChangSha (长沙 Capital city of Hunan Province - population 7M), Wuhan (武汉 Capital city of Hubei Province - population 9.78M), Zhengzhou (郑州 Capital city of Henan Province - population 8.62M), Shijiazhuang (石家庄 Capital city of Hebei Province - population 10.16M), and Beijing (北京 Capital of China - population 19.61M).

The very fast train link of Shenzhen-Guangzhou and Guangzhou-Wuhan have been opened and are in operation.  The new link between Wuhan and Beijing will be connected to these two existing lines to complete the Shenzhen-Beijing very fast train service.  The link between Shenzhen and Hong Kong is expected to be opened in 2016.  By then people can travel from HK to BJ using the very fast train service.

BJ SZ fast train route


It is reported that the Zhengzhou section is being tested recently and a top speed of 385 Km/hr was achieved in 10 mins from leaving station.  It is said that the Zhengzhou-Wuhan link may even be opened within September due to satisfactory testing result.  The new section between Beijing and Wuhan, which is approx. 1000 Km long, is targetted to be completely tested and commissioned during the rest of this year.

Distance comparison

2,439 Km distance between Beijing and Shenzhen is comparable to the distance between the following cities:

Sydney - Townsville  2,340 Km
Sydney - Cairns   2,685 Km
Melbourne - Alice Springs   2,255 Km
Melbourne - Mackay   2,318 Km
Canberra - Mackay   2,216 Km
Canberra - Townsville 2,608 Km
Adelaide - Rockhampton 2,488 Km

New York NY - Dallas TX   2,489 Km
New York NY - Milburn OK  2,440 Km
Boston MA - Miami FL   2,420 Km
Los Angeles CA - Houston TX   2,491 Km
Los Angeles CA - Dallas TX   2,317 Km
Seattle WA - Tucson AZ   2,479 Km
Chicago IL - Salt Lake City UT   2,246 Km

Vancouver - Winnipeg   2,294 Km
Toronto - Winnipeg   2,048 Km
Toronto - Regina   2,516 Km
Montreal - Winnipeg   2,270 Km

London UK - Istanbul, Turkey   2,505 Km
London UK - Moscow, Russia   2,508 Km
London UK - Athens, Greece   2,394 Km
Lisbon, Portugal - Budapest, Hungary   2,476 Km
Lisbon, Portugal - Berlin, Germany   2,315 Km
Madrid, Spain - Warsaw, Poland   2,294 Km
Rome, Italy - Moscow, Russia   2,381 Km
Geneva, Switzerland - Moscow, Russia   2,424 Km
Paris, France - Moscow, Russia   2,495 Km

China fast train
Implication for business
The opening of the Beijing-Shenzhen fast train route means that the major north south link passing through the eastern central region of China is established.  This should have a beneficial effect on business and investment along the route.  Developers, architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers should see new business opportunities coming up due to the opening of this route.  In terms of leisure tourism and business tourism, the positive impact should be even more noticeable.  Hong Kong is still a major entry point for foreign investment into China.  The opening of the BJ-SZ fast train link will cut down the travelling time between HK and BJ and offer an alternative for travel between HK and Beijing.  The link which connects approximately 77 million people along its route is set to be one of the most important piece of infrastructure in China.

Please refer "High-speed rail in China" and "A very fast train is a model of sustainability" for related information.


Fabian Chan
Source: HKEJ, Sina, Wikipedia, SMH - 7.8.2012

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China to start Beijing-Shenzhen very fast train service before end of 2012

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