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Characteristics of factory warehouse projects and industrial facility projects

Characteristics of factory warehouse projects and industrial facility projects are specificity, clarity, modularity and logisticality.

factory warehouse & industrial facility projects are typically purpose specific.  It is due to the common situation that owner and operator of factory & industrial facilities are always the same party, except that warehouse facilities may be developed by developers on spec.  Often the owner operator's brief is known at the beginning of an industrial project.  The parties involved in the briefing, planning and design of the project are usually stable throughout the project.  Most of the time factory & industrial projects are custom built to satisfy a particular need or expansion plan of an existing industrial complex.  Custom built factory & industrial project is often required to project a suitable corporate image for the owner operator.

factory warehouse
 & industrial facility projects typically demand a high degree of clarity,  accessibility and isolability.  Process related industrial facility involves a large amount of services runs and equipments.  Each part of an industrial facility may represent one part of the industrial production process.   Large industrial complex are accessed by all types of personnel, visitors, inspectors, delivery and disposal units.  A high level of clarity in the layout is required to facilitate such access and movement of personnel safely and efficiently.  Each part of an industrial facility will be accessed for different reasons.  A logical layout with good accessibility is important for satisfactory running of industrial processes.  Some factory warehouses & industrial facilities are run 24 hours a day and the whole year round.  Others are not.  If a factory industrial facility runs continuously, it is important that certain parts can be isolated and bypassed when stoppage in the industrial process occurs or when maintenance service is carried out.  It is important that design and construction of factory warehouses and industrial facilities are carried out with isolability in mind so that the factory warehouses and industrial facilities can maintain their function with minimum breakdown and disruption.

factory warehouse
 & industrial facility projects typically demand a reasonable degree of modularity in layout and logical continuity in design & construction.  factory warehouses and industrial facilities need to meet demand for expansion when time comes.  Very often industrial facilities are developed with expected growth of a specific market.  However, industrial facilities are seldom developed to cater for the estimated larger market initially.  During planning, design, construction, fitout and equipment procurement / installation of factory warehouse & industrial projects, project managers, architects, builders and contractors should remember that a reasonable degree of expandability need to be designed and built into the project.  Modular layout and logical continuity of design and construction system usually work better.

factory warehouse
 & industrial facility projects typically demand a high degree of logisticality. The quality of the design and construction of a factory warehouse or industrial facility can affect the facility's operation and function for its owner.  Among all, logisticality is an important aspect of a factory warehouse & industrial facility project.  During planning of layout, design of space, choosing of finishes, and design of structural system, it is important to consider what logistics is required, what access is needed to carry out the industrial process, what equipment or vehicle will be used and how frequent maintenance is required.   Low logistics consideration will lead to inefficient industrial process, inability to conduct certain function, redundant systems and higher running cost of the factory warehouse or industrial facility.

Industrial project managers, industrial architects, industrial planners & industrial construction managers' challenges

Industrial project managers, industrial architects, industrial planners & industrial construction managers need to meet the challenge of the above typical characteristics of factory warehouse and industrial facility projects, as well as specific issues pertinent to a particular project. 

Some of the common specific issues in factory warehouse projects and industrial facility projects are:

    New factory warehouse & industrial Facility Projects

    Completeness of project brief provided by the factory warehouse owner operator
    factory warehouse owner operator's design brief in relation to their selection of industrial equipments
    factory warehouse & industrial facility project's target growth in future
    Assumptions and projections in the factory warehouse & industrial facility project's feasibility study
    Relationship of the factory warehouse project with its surrounding environment
    Access for delivery of material & supply; storage and disposal of waste
    Infrastructure internal and external to the site
    Vehicular access, egress and parking arrangement, particularly for large vehicles
    Relationship & access between material storage area, production area and product storage area   
    Creation of unique character for the specific factory warehouse or industrial facility project

    Factory warehouse Refurbishment, Renovation & Expansion Projects

    Access for material, equipment, plant, personnel of the contractor
    Separation of existing production traffic from construction traffic
    Minimization of dust, vibration and noise impact on factory warehouse operation, especially staff areas
    Access and location for hoisting, lifting, scaffolding 
and temporary structure
    Storage space for material, equipment and tools of the contractor
    Storage space for material, equipment and refuse of the factory warehouse
    Disposal of debris and construction waste
    Impact and change to vehicular, staff
and emergency access & egress route
    Impact and change to staff parking, visitors parking, drop off & pick up
    Re-organization of factory warehouse process route and stages of moving routes around
    Identification and record of existing building services infrastructure, size, type, location 
and run
    Integration of new building services with existing
, especially major services run
    Planning & scheduling sequence of work, events and relocation of factory warehouse operation route
    Risk assessment of critical activities and construction work
    Information distribution
to staff & external contractors regarding timing of building work, its impact and risk
    Staged completion, commissioning and use of new facilities and required support services

AAPAC GROUP's professional team, including development managers, project managers, architects
and construction managers, has the skill and experience in managing above issues and meeting challenges of factory warehouse projects and industrial facility projects.  
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