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    Development Manager, Project Manager, Architect, Construction Manager, Builder - our roles in past projects:

            Development Manager -

            We have been hotel development manager, hotel refurbishment development manager, health facilities development manager,
            hospital expansion development manager, medical centre development manager, research facilities development manager,
            residential development manager, commercial development manager, industrial development manager, infrastructure development manager,
            transport facilities development manager, town centre development manager.

            Project Manager -

            We have been hotel project manager, hotel refurbishment project manager, hospital project manager, hospital expansion project manager,
            health facilities project manager, aged care facilities project manager, medical centre project manager, research facilities project manager,
            high rise project manager, regional facilities project manager, residential project manager, commercial project manager, industrial project manager,
            commercial fitout project manager, luxury house project manager, medium density residential project manager, distant facilities project manager.

            Architect -

            We have been hotel architect, hotel extension architect, office architect, commercial architect, office building architect, residential architect,
            high rise residential architect, high rise architect, multi-purpose complex architect, hotel interior architect, master planning architect,
            industrial architect, luxury house architect, town house architect, apartment building architect, interior architect, fitout architect,
            hotel interior architect, resort architect, bank architect, site planning architect, hospital architect, health architect, medical centre architect.

            Builder -

            We have been hotel builder, hotel refurbishment builder, office builder, commercial builder, office building builder, industrial builder,
            residential builder, luxury house builder, medical centre builder, doctor surgery builder, fitout builder, design & construct builder, apartment builder,
            house builder,
shop builder, restaurant builder, medium density residential builder, duplex builder, renovation builder, extension builder,
            refurbishment builder, club builder, school builder, factory builder, warehouse builder.


           Development / project  opportunities

           Hotel             Opportunity to develop a beachfront hotel at Sanur, Bali - 15km from airport.  Near to Hyatt & Mercure Hotels.
                                        34,500 sqm site with 180 m frontage to 
beach.  Current building permit in place.  

      Healthcare     Opportunity to re-develop for long term lease of 1100 sqm of floor area in well established medical centre
                              in Auckland, New Zealand.

Development Manager, Project Manager, Architect, Construction Manager, Builder

AAPAC GROUP is an international project development / management / design & construction firm based in Sydney Australia with office in Hong Kong.  Established in 1990, we provide a wide range of professional service for clients in building and development projects.
Our main business is in project development, project management, architecture, interior design, building and construction management.
Our forte includes hotel project management, hotel architect service, hospital project management, health care/medical project management, aged care project management, highrise project management, office building architect design, multi-purpose complex architect design, highrise residential architect design.

Our other service includes feasibility study, market research, project financing, master planning, urban design, consulting, design management, cost management, scheduling, quality management, space planning, interior fitout and FF&E procurement.

If you would like to tell us your project and find out how we can help you, please feel free to leave us message and ask us questions  -  EMAIL US TODAY   Visitor's Message Area 
           Residential    Opportunity to develop 8 to 10 townhouse style attached dwellings in eastern suburb, Sydney Australia.  
                                8 min. stroll to beach and 5 min. drive to UNSW.

           Residential    Development site 1220 sqm in eastern suburb, Sydney Australia.  Within walking distance to UNSW.
                                Existing commercial use.  Apartment development possible.

          Industrial      Development sites 2020 sqm & 4040 sqm in Peakhurst Sydney Australia.  Existing factories, house & large vacant land.  
                                Residential development possible subject to Council approval.

           Residential    Opportunity to develop deep waterfront single house in southern suburb, Sydney Australia.  Over 1100 sqm site area.
                                Beautiful view over Georges River & Port Hacking.  Jetty for boat allowed.

           Residential    DA approved development site in St George beachside suburb, Sydney Australia.  9 units + 2 retail shop.

           Residential    Opportunity to invest in property development of upmarket townhouse development project in Sydney Australia

           Project Finance

           Hotel project finance is available from July 2010.  International funding source.  Will look at project of any scale including beyond $100M.
            If sound feasibility study is available already, please submit immediately.  If assistance is needed in feasibility, please contact us.

          Development finance for apartments projects & medium density residential projects is available.  Australian funding source. 
            Will look at project of any scale in selected high demand area.   Other development finance available includes health care projects
            development finance, aged care projects development finance, educational projects development finance.

          Development Finance News: We have successfully arranged a development finance facility of A$35M+ for a builder developer client to kick-start a multi-storey
             apartment retail development project in Sydney.  The developer has been seeking development finance for almost 2 years without success
             until they are introduced to us.  The development finance package is possible thanks to working with a funder who can think out of a square.
             We have also investors from overseas who would like to take advantage of the demand in the development finance market
             and the high yield that can be offered.  For development finance, please email us at - 22.6.2012

     Building Cost movement

           Residential building cost increased on average 6.2% in Australia.  The highest increases
            were recorded in QLD (7.9%), VIC & NT (7.2%).  It is followed by SA (5.7%), WA & TAS (5.5%).  On the lower end of
            the scale, there are NSW (4.9%) and ACT (3%).

          Authorities News

           The Australian Taxation Office issues new ruling which allows developers not to repay GST for construction cost, if certain
            criteria is met, if developers choose to rent out their development instead of selling them.

           The following Planning and Certification changes have taken place:
                Penalty for carrying out work without authorization is increased to $110,000 max.
                Evidence of payment of long service levy is required.
                Application for construction certificate (CC), occupation certificate (OC), and subdivision certificate (SC) can only be made by the
                    person who is eligible to appoint the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA), ie. the owner.
                Fee applicable for unauthorized work will be equal to relevant fee for DA & CC.
              Application for a strata certificate can only be made by the owner of the land or his/her delegate.         
development & project manager  architect   constructor   

International Market

Montenegro, with population of 700,000 and become independent just 4 years ago, is an unexpected name on the international property development & investment market.  The country has established a reputation as an up-market property and tourism location.  Investors have poured money into projects such as refurbishment of Sveti Stefan, an island hotel complex frequently visited by Hollywood stars in the 60s; and Porto Montenegro, a huge new marina complex for super-yachts built at Tivat on the beautiful coastline.  Investors are attracted by an open economy, no restriction on capital, low taxes and Montenegro's unilateral use of the euro as its currency.

Canada's economy is growing strongly.  Growth rate is expected to be 3.3% in 2010 & 3.5% in 2011.  The infrastructure project market, particularly PPP (public-private-partnership) projects, is busy.
  Large projects being built or planned include SE Stoney Trail - Alberta; McGill Hospital & CHUM Research Centre - Quebec; Road projects - Quebec & New Brunswick; Pan-American Games - Toronto; Hospital projects - Ontario & BC; South & North Fraser Perimeter Road projects - BC; Windsor-Essex Parkway - Ontario; Transit & Subway projects - Ontario.
As world economy improves, developers & investors are zooming in to Canada for opportunities.

Macro economic news about events or information which have a substantial influence on the global property & construction market, particularly those markets of Australia, Asia, Greater China, Pacific region, are added in our Property Construction Market News section.

Architect News

The control of architect practice is different in different places.  In Australia, the control is on the use of the title - architect.  One will need to attain the required qualification to become an architect, have sufficient practical experience as an architect, and register with the architects registration board before the person can be called an architect.  ........

In Hong Kong, the control of architect practice is similar.  One will need to have the required qualification as an architect, have sufficient experience as an architect and register with the HK architects registration board as an architect.  ........

AAPAC GROUP has maintained registration as registered architects in both NSW Australia and Hong Kong.  Our Principal has also maintained registration as Authorized Person (List 1 - architect) in Hong Kong.  ........ (for full article, please click this link to visit Architect News

Constructor Builder News

1. Recently, there have been reports of fire incidents and electrical shock incidents with photovoltaic solar panel installation in Australia.   Authority has issued alert to the building industry that if the inverter is immersed in water,
it is highly probable that arching will occur.  ........

2. The Engineering Construction Survey conducted by Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that the value of all engineering construction work completed in NSW Australia has risen by 1.6% in the September quarter of 2011.  ........ 
(for full article, please click this link to visit Builder News)

Project Manager News

Is Virtual Project Management possible?  The answer is yes.  With widespread and high speed internet infrastructure, virtual project management is possible.  This means a team of project professionals in different locations can manage project, produce design, collaborate, implement and oversee progress of a project in a different geographical area, whether it is close by or far away from the project manager and the design team.
(for full article, please click this link to visit Project Manager News)

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