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AAPAC Group is in JV with land owner client in WA to develop ecological hospitality resort project
Client provides the idea and land for development; AAPAC Group provides the rest: expertise, investors, funding, development strategy model, project management, approval permit, design & construction, procurement, sales & marketing

Ecological Hospitality College Resort Project

The project is located in a scenic spot in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.  The project will be capble of accomodating 500+ visitors at any one time and is to be developed on a site of 48 hectare (480,000 sqm) in area.

Project development plan is being prepared and the final scale of the development is not fixed.  At this stage, it is anticipated that the total developed floor area will be around 48,000 sqm.  The estimated development cost is possibly between A$120M to A$150M.   The development will be structured in such a way to allow participation and investment by smaller investors as well as big investors.

The vision for the project is to establish the blue print of a new type of ecological hospitality project which brings new experience and enjoyment to visitors with a mixture of themes relating to Astronomy, Art, Performance, Architecture, and Culture Sharing (AAPACS) with strong emphasis on ecological development, sustainable technology use, harmonious living with nature, enrichment of life through art, performance, architecture, culture sharing and learning.  It is planned that the principles of sustainability, which will be manifested in this ecological hospitality resort in a beautiful way, will be shared with, taught to and learnt by others of the younger generation from around the world.  It is hoped that the successes and mistakes in this project will contribute to the bigger movement of sustainable living and eco-tourism worldwide and that this project blue print can be repeated and spreaded to different parts of the world in the future.  In another word, the project will be a "resort" providing hospitality to visitors and it will also be a "college" providing education about practical aspects of ecological hospitality and sustainability.

We would like to thank the client of the project for their vision and entrusting AAPAC Group to deliver the project for them.

We will release more update about this project when it is available.  To make this project successful, we welcome participation from our peer professionals, investors, funders, operators, artists, scientists and other interested parties.
Our email address is mail@aapacgroup.com.

"Of course we would like to make it a profitable and successful project in the commercial sense.  But what value can you put to the project when it will change and improve future generation's way of living & form of tourism by educating them with practical experience of how ecological hospitality is put together, served and operated?"

.... By using the word "hospitality", we are talking about "serving"  - and it is about serving the very young, the young, the grown-up, the mature, and the aged.

Fabian Chan
Source: AAPAC Group - 26.03.2013

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AAPAC  Group  is commissioned to develop an integrated ecological hospitality resort in the Great Southern region of Western Australia

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