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Project Financing - Consulting

AAPAC GROUP assists our clients to source and arrange venture capital, project finance, property development funding, real estate development funds, building financing, construction loan, equity financing, joint venture funding.

We can arrange development finance for property development projects in various locations around the world.  However, different countries have different foreign investment control.  Funding market is dynamic and changes quickly with economic climate and political situation.  Successful arrangement of development finance for a particular project depends on various factors.   Professional analysis and accurate presentation of project value
maximization and project execution are important factors.

We can arrange project finance to suit different project situation. For example, we can arrange project finance at the beginning of a development project at site procurement stage.  The project finance in this case will help the client to secure the site, covering majority of the site procurement cost - land loan component.  The project finance will also cover soft development costs, ie. finance, project management, design costs; and hard development costs, ie. construction, fitout, ff&e costs - construction loan component.  Sometimes, the project finance may also cover the interest during the term of the loan, ie. interest capitalised.  In other situation, we arrange development finance after client has secured a site.  The development finance in this case covers the soft development costs, mainly design costs and the hard development costs, mainly construction costs in the form of construction loan.  In many cases, client may require just construction loan.

We arrange development finance with local banks, project financiers as well as international lenders.  Source of project finance includes banks, non-bank lenders, investment funds, private investors, equity financing lenders and debt markets.  Sources of funds are matched to the type of projects and scale of funding.

The benefit that we provide to our clients in arranging development finance is our ability to identify and appraise the different development options, design, project delivery and construction methods, which help to maximize the value and the yield of a development project.  This is particularly important in gaining support and commitment of financiers, lenders and investors.

Different types of property development projects require different project financing approach.  Residential apartment project is different from hotel project in the way that project income is produced and funding returned.  And office building project is different from hotel project.  Likewise, health care projects is also different.  However, the common requirement from lenders in all types of development project is professional market research, feasibility study and project development plan.  The critical success factors are timing, a good outcome of the project valuation, a credible feasibility study and a convincing project development plan.

We handle project finance from a few millions to over $100M.
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