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What is urban design?

Urban design is concerned with purposeful arrangement of form, shape, appearance, spatial quality and function of public spaces in urban centres. Buildings are important elements that shape urban spaces and give them particular character. Urban design is also about design of groups of buildings that form a neighbourhood in an urban context.

Urban design objectives

The objective of the urban design process is to achieve an urban design plan which will guide land use, height, size, form, density and development character of buildings and other elements, utility infrastructure layout, circulation routes, and landscape design around the urban space being designed. The urban design plan will co-ordinate the architectural design of individual buildings and structures which define the particular urban space.

Urban design services

AAPAC urban design services include urban design planning, urban design architecture, landscape urban design, public space urban design, downtown urban design, city urban design, and water urban design.

As multi-discipline urban design company, we provide urban design architects, urban design masters and urban design consultants with relevant expertise to form urban design collaborative and urban design group to handle urban design projects and new urban design development. Our urban design studio provides urban design town planning, urban design landscape architecture, water sensitive urban design, sustainable urban design services. Our urban design consultancy emphases climate considerations in building and urban design, and relationship between urban design and people. Our urban design process helps to set up urban design strategies and urban design guidelines for improved urban developments.

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East Darling Harbour Sydney - Master Planning & Urban Design Competition Entry
The northern part of the site is retained as open space for large scale event involving large number of participants.  The shape of previous piers and land before reclamation is rediscovered and illustrated on the ground with different finish material, pattern, border and levels.  New buildings on the site are to be integrated with the existing city centre by following and extending existing major streets to the waterfront.  Buildings are stepped down towards the water while preserving existing view to the water from city centre and nearby buildings as much as possible.  A building in the shape of a cruise ship is proposed to remind the previous existence of a cruise ship terminal on the site.

Urban design benefits

AAPAC urban design service benefits include:

Urban design considerations

AAPAC urban design service is normally carried out with the following considerations:
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