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Highrise Office Hotel Serviced Apartment Complex -

Architectural Design & Urban Design


This proposed riverfront development is located on prime land adjacent to an opera house which is of a half dome shape design.  The 7 towers, which will be seen from boats travelling up and down the river, are start of a long row of high rise buildings to be developed according to a master plan of the new CBD.

The two high rise office buildings (tallest towers) have been orientated so that their main entries face the opera house, which is the focal point of interest in the area.  This orientation is further strengthened with two outdoor sculptural
boomerang shaped structures, which define an entry forecourt in front of the towers.  The towers are positioned to allow view corridors for other future developments behind towards the waterfront and the river.


The office towers are orientated with the shortest face facing west so that heat gain due to exposure to western sun is kept to the minimum.  This is an energy efficient design feature and also a sustainability design consideration.  The wider faces of the towers are angled to provide maximum view to the water, the opera house and the central open space of the new CBD.

The hotel twin towers are orientated to provide rooms with maximum view of upstream and downstream of the river.  The rooms on the rear side will have views towards the central open space of the CBD and other open spaces among future high rise developments adjacent to the site.  The serviced apartments twin towers are designed in such a way so that every unit will enjoy water view, including rear units.

The top of each tower in the whole development is designed with coffee shops, restaurants or other public facilities.  Water view and CBD view, which are the main asset of the site, can be captured and maximized. Roofs have been sloped in certain towers to allow view of the immediate surrounding, the opera house and the public waterfront promenade
from the roof top indoor facilities.

The different heights and angled orientation of the office towers and hotel towers create an interesting composition of the development, especially when viewed from the public waterfront promenade in front of the opera house.

AAPAC GROUP always aims to maximize the natural asset of a site and relate new development to its setting.
 Energy efficient design and sustainability design are also important consideration in our architectural design process.

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QianJiang Time Square Development in new HangZhou CBD
Riverfront development consisting of two office buildings, one twin tower 5 star hotel, one business hotel, two serviced apartments
Conceptual design

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